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Lamellate Grinding Machine Hurrikan T25

The Lamellate Grinding machines are produces with a largest Wheels than other machines.
Lamellate Grinding Machine Hurrikan T25

The larger Lamellate wheel with a diameter of 250 mm and wide of 50 mm is equal to the life time of 120 pieces of Grinding Ribbons or even eight normal Lamellate wheels. Because of the very high air cooling effect it is nearly impossible to overheat the knife to a temperature causing damage to the edge. Top modern fabrication of the high grade steel construction with CNC driven machines give you the guarantee for high quality of our products.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Large dimensioned Lamellate grinding wheels
  • high air cooling
  • high grade steel protector
  • easy handling
  • big electromotor

Technical Informations:

Model: T25
Power: 2200W
Power Supply: 400V
Power Type: 3 ~ 50Hz
Lamellate Grinding Wheel Ø: 250mm
Polishing- and Honing Wheel Ø: 250mm
Size in mm (LxWxD): 415 mm x 390 mm x 320 mm
Weight: 29,5 kg

Technical changes possible.


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