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Grinding Machine for Hand Knives and Bowl Cutter Knives Model K4 K

With the Grinding and Polishingmachine of Type K4 you can grind and polish hand held knives efficiently, quickly and without problems.

Der Allesk�nner K4 Kuttermesser

The water tap and the Inox steel case guarants you easy cleaning of the machine.
Top modern production of the high grade steel case with CNC-technology gives you the guarantee for high quality of our products.

Annealing of the knife-edge is impossible due to the wet grinding system.  An enhanced durability of knives and very little wear - compared to dry grinding - is understood.  For polishing we exclusively use polishing discs made of cotton which have a special folding, that offers smallest wear compared to conventional felt disk.
Bowl Cutter Knives for 500 litres no Problem for this maschine!

Advantages at a glance:

  • Wet grinding
  • Grinding angle guide
  •  Maintenance free drive
  • Long product life of hand held knives and smallest wear
  • High-grade steel product
  • Most simple handling
  • Long durability of the abrasive media.

Technical informations:

Model: K4K
Power: 400 / 2200 W
Power Supply: 400 V
Power Type: 3 ~ 50Hz
Grinding wheel Diameter Ø: 225mm (grain 120)
Kuttergrinding wheel Diameter Ø: 225mm (grain 240)
Lamellate grinding wheel Diameter Ø: 250 mm (grain 100)
Polishing- and Honing wheel Diameter Ø: 250mm
Size (LxWxD): 490mm x 670mm x 480mm
Weight: 64 kg

Technical changes possible.


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