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Grinding Machine for Bowl Cutter Knives
Model K3 K

With the Grinding and Polishingmachine of Type K3K you can grind and polish all Forms of Bowl Cutter Knives efficiently, quickly and without problems.

Der Kombischleifer K3 Kuttermesser

The water tap and the Inox steel case guarants you easy cleaning of the machine.
Top modern production of the high grade steel case with CNC-technology gives you the guarantee for high quality of our products.
Bowl Cutter Knives for 500 litres no Problem for this maschine!

The advantages at a glance:

  • Wet Grinding
  • Grinding angle guide
  • Hight grade steel case
  • Maintenance free
  • For handheld- and cutter knives
  • simply using

Technical informations:

Model: K3K
Power: 1500 W
Power Supply: 400 V
Power Type: 3 ~ 50Hz
Grinding wheel Ø: 225 mm (grain 120)
Lamellate grinding wheel Ø: 250 mm
Polishing- and Honing wheel Ø: 250 mm (grain 100)
Size (LxWxD): 490 mm x 670 mm x 480 mm
Weight: 48 kg

Technical changes possible.


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