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„GS Grinding technology – Just perfect!“

Knife grinding service

If it shall be sharper!!!!!!

That's our motto, not only in commercial there is a need for sharp knives. Also in the private kitchen a sharp knife is the nuts and bolts. Filleting, triggering, tomatoes or onions cut, is getting quicker easier and safer with a sharp knife.

More private customers have requested for us sharpening their knives, so we decided to provide our business customers service also for private customers!


We grind almost any kitchen, cooking and butcher knife. No hidden costs, all prices can be seen directly in our price list. Return costs: 7,50 € COD.

Also pocket, hunting, diving, outdoor knives and scissors (except hairdressing scissors) are ground by us. As these require a much higher cost, we calculate the price according to expenditure. Please inquire in advance via mail!

Of course, your knives will be wet grinded. As 100 years ago, there is still no gentler than grinding wet. We manufacture grinding machines since over 30 years.

The procedure: Minimum Quantity 5 knives

  1. Pack your knives carefully so that they not getting damaged during transportation.
    (Wrap each one in a newspaper, then put it in carton and seal it)
  2. Send it to:
    GS Schleiftechnik & Waagen GmbH
    Am Kiebitzengraben 4
    D-91315 Höchstadt
  3. We grind your knives within 8 days
  4. Returning is organized via DHL by cash delivery!

You'll get really long time sharp knives!

If it shall be sharper!!!


Visit us and convince yourself of our high quality products!

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